Improving your online presence for better chances of being found on search engines such as Google
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  1. Keyword Search
    Google and other popular search engines show search results by matching the searched text with websites that mention those words. We search your site for these words and tell you what words you may be lacking.
  2. Account Set Up
    We have a list of 56 sites that host service provider profiles. Having your information and website in these databases show search engines your a grounded website and bring you closer to the top.
  3. Website Check-Up
    We provide 3rd party research to ensure your site is up to date and there are no red flags keep down your SEO.
  4. Social Media
    Being active on social media is not only another link to website, but inspires followers to share your posts that include links to your site (bringing in more possible customers).
  5. Blogs
    Keeping your site updated helps greatly with your search ranking. One of the best ways to do this is making a blog. We provide everything you need from the text to images.
  6. SEM
    SEM is paid advertising on search engines. This is great for brand new websites to gain traction but doesn't do much for your natural SEO. We reserve suggesting SEM until we get to know your business & situation.